Progress of Steve Jobs Sketch

I thought it would be interesting to show the progress of a sketch.  I always find it helpful to see how other artists approach their work, so here are a few pictures showing the various stages of the Steve Jobs piece.

I began using a 2H graphite pencil to try to get the correct proportions of the face.  These lines can be drawn over later with a much darker pencil, so it didn’t matter too much if they were not completely accurate.  The main thing was to get the correct position for the eyes, nose and mouth.

Once the outline was done, I began to shade in areas using the same pencil.  This approach was to try to find where the shadows would be.  It’s kind of like forming a frame work so later the detail can be more easily filled in.

I always like to begin adding detail to the eyes, and for some reason, the right eye.  I used a much softer graphite pencil for this stage, mostly a 3B but sometimes up to an 8B.

I worked clockwise around the face.  When I got to the beard I wasn’t sure how to get the whiskers to show accurately.  I chose to shade in all the dark areas around the grey hairs.  This took some time, but the result was OK.

You can see the finished piece here or clicking on the Gallery in the menu of this site.

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